Indonesia, US Launch Garuda Canti Dharma 2022 Peacekeeping Exercise

Jakarta: The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM), and service members from partner nations are participating in Exercise Garuda Canti Dharma 2022 (GCD22) at Pusat Misi Pemeliharaan Perdamaian (PMPP), the Indonesian Peacekeeping Training Center, from July 18 through July 31, 2022.
The multinational exercise is the largest annual international peacekeeping field training exercise in the world designed to promote global peace and security.  Approximately 70 U.S. and 420 TNI personnel are participating, along with approximately 350 personnel from other nations.  It is co-sponsored by USINDOPACOM and TNI and hosted rotationally between the two countries.
At the opening event on Monday, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Kyle Richardson expressed appreciation to the Government of Indonesia, the Indonesia National Defense Forces, and the Indonesian Peacekeeping Training Centre for hosting this year’s exercise, and thanked attendees.

Indonesia, US Launch Garuda Canti Dharma 2022 Peacekeeping Exercise

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“For the peacekeepers and peacekeeper trainers that have traveled from five continents, representing twenty-two countries, I thank you and your governments for your efforts to be here as we emerge from the global pandemic,” said A/DCM Richardson in a media release on Monday.  
“This exercise will better prepare peacekeepers for upcoming UN deployments and better prepare you to train your fellow peacekeepers,” he added.
Garuda Canti Dharma 2022 consists of a UN peacekeeping operations staff training event, a field training event, and a critical enabler capability enhancement event at the PMPP, all of which will focus on UN and international peacekeeping and stability operations.
This year, the TNI invited military personnel from Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Fiji, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam to participate.
During the exercise, Indonesian, US, and other partner nation forces will work to enhance interoperability and mission effectiveness in common tactics, techniques, and procedures in accordance with UN doctrine with the objective of improving UN peacekeeping troop performance and regional peace operations.



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